Saturday, September 28, 2013

Radiate (Burn Bright)

Conference was great! I wasn't necessarily looking forward to it because it felt like bad timing, but God met me there. 

ra·di·ate  (our theme)
Emit (energy, esp. light or heat) in the form of rays or waves.
(of light, heat, or other energy) Be emitted in such a way.

White Hot Faith that radiates to the people around me - that's what I want. We believe that as we are set on fire by Christ we will naturally Radiate his love to the people around us. We don't meet with Christ in order to Radiate, but in order to know him. 

I was especially struck by the reminder that God pursues us more than we can ever imagine. I've learned to better pursue God in the last few months, but even that is a byproduct of his pursuit of me. There are a lot of things I learned or was encouraged by, but knowing Christ, and meeting with Him (and reading a ton in the Bible) was the biggest takeaway. 

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