Monday, August 5, 2013

Team Hawaii's (my team) English camps 2013 in a nutshell

Deeper Relationships - Šumperk
At Sumperk camp, I got to connect with some new people while serving with people I've known for years. It was a pleasure and joy to serve with the team from New Hope MN, and it was inspiring to see Jeremy and Jess lead their students well. Though some of the Czech team members that I've worked with in years previous were not able to be at camp, I loved working with the team of Czechs - both new and old. I even got to use more Czech language as the main leader of camp did not speak so much English. These deeper relationships before camp made serving with this group a joy.

Strak Attack Double Intern Goodness
Because the US team that planned on coming to camp couldn't bring together a team, we had two intern teams team up to put on camp. Our teams loved serving together, but what I loved most was seeing the solid Czech team serve well - they loved students with Christ's love, were selfless in their service, and they led students to Christ. Eight students put their faith in Christ, and the team is definitely seeing fruit in some of their lives. This camp was a stretch for me because for the first time I taught English while teaching the evening messages. It was so much fun to spend time with my class, and they were very gracious in receiving what I had to teach.

HOT Havlickuv Brod DAYS
Camp was HOT, really, and despite that we had a great week. The weather did make for some lethargy at camp; in general people were less active during those days and even after it cooled down. It was a pleasure working with Jonatan again - even though he's not the leader of youth group throughout the year and just focuses on camp, he's got a real heart for ministry and intentionally thinks through how he can lead best. There are a few key people I'd like to continue to connect with this year, either in person or online.

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