Thursday, August 22, 2013

Jacob in Czech

A quick visit to see my place in Ostrava before camp
This summer I also had my first family member come to visit/serve. Now entering his senior year of high school, Jacob came to serve with our teams at first camp (Ĺ umperk / New Hope, MN). Despite coming in with no existing relationships with anyone other than me, he did a great job loving Czech students, serving well, thinking intentionally about  ministry, and connecting with the teams. I loved seeing his love for people come out in the way he served at camp - something we've seen in him from childhood. I also loved introducing him to my Czech friends in Sumperk, to the EC Team, and to other friends here. We didn't have any extra time beyond when the US team was here, so we took some time in Prague together before he flew out. That was a hard goodbye, both with the US team and my brother.
Hike Day at Camp

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