Friday, July 26, 2013

Encouraging relationships in July

I am loving the summer ministry with my team & Czech & US youth groups!

My brother came to our first camp of the summer. The first week in July was Sumperk camp. Some people I've known since 2007, so it was great to serve with them again. I also enjoyed being at camp with students from my English club. One of the best things, though, was serving alongside my brother. I really enjoyed having him here and serving alongside him for the week. He connected to the US Team (from New Hope, MN) and Czechs well. It was hard to see him leave. 

I made a quick jump from dropping my brother (and the team) off at the airport to second term training and our next camp. It was sudden, but I definitely saw God sustaining me through it. Our second camp, with Elim Strakonice was a blast even without a separate American team. We paired up with another intern team and worked with a very well-organized Czech team. 

For the first time ever, I taught English and the evening Bible stories. Normally I am part of an English class (1/2 time and not lead teaching) and do the evening talks. It was great to do both and it went well. I loved sharing stories of Peter and the Gospel from the front as well as have a personal connection with students in class. 

Tomorrow, English camp with Havlickuv Brod and a team from Eagle River, Alaska starts. I've done camp with these guys for years, though missed it last year because of my Serbian exile (which is still a little weird). Pray for students at this camp to experience Christ and respond to the Gospel clearly preached. 

Pray also for...
Students from our first two camps to still get plugged in to relationships with Christians
Christians at our first two camps to continue to serve and be "on mission"
Energy for our intern team, though we're doing pretty well!
A good debrief after camp. 

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