Monday, June 24, 2013

June has flown by, training starts tomorrow, camp Saturday.

I can hardly believe that the month of June is coming to an end. It seems like not so long ago my interns were arriving in Kiev and we kicked off our summer. Our visits this month have been a great way for us to connect with youth groups in Sumperk, Strakonice, and H Brod as a team. I also really loved time with my team last we shared testimonies with one another I felt like we connected a lot better and know each other more. This is important going into camp service together.

Tomorrow the team from New Hope, MN arrives to do camp with us and Sumperk. My brother is also flying to serve with us and I'm pumped for these relationships. Sumperk is my longest-standing Czech church relationship, and I love the leaders of the US team.  Several of the Czech team members are different this year, but I am confident that God has prepared them for this service.

Pray for students to connect individually with the Czech team - relationships that will be built on the Gospel and lead to mature faith in Christ.
Pray for the details of camp to work out, and that I (and the rest of the team/organizers) always respond in a Christlike way to whatever difficulties await.
Pray for good time with students....I've tried to place myself in a position where I can love on students more are camp this year. 
Pray for a good time serving with my brother - serving alongside him is a first.

As always, keep track of camp and faces to pray for on instagram, facebook, or twitter

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Up and down in the fog...intern training was great!

We got to stay in the cabins down the hill from our training center, Malenovice. It was a foggy week, with a lot of rain and less light, but a great week of equipping our interns. 
The content wasn't really new for me, but the interns got to hear some of the things
 we've covered this year at conferences. I was really encouraged to listen to the Holy Spirit in the little things, and to not wait to follow until I hear the whole picture. That's how we walk in step with the Spirit (Gal 5, especially v 25 
Country time each afternoon was also new for us. We got to meet as a group of over 30 people (27 interns & leaders) serving in Czech to discuss some particulars of our summer here. I enjoyed the time with them. Intern training was great for our team and from there we went straight into our first visit. 

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Running around Ukraine...interns and the summer kicks off!

The last week of May we started our journey to Ukraine to meet the interns serving with Josiah Venture (even those serving in Czech :). It was quite the journey just to get there and included 2 overnight trains, a nap in the church, and some time to explore the beautiful city of Lviv before heading to Kiev. We arrived to the airport tired (like the interns), but with a purpose. 
The Amazing Race kicks off our summer every year. It's been a great tool to form our intern teams and is a gauge of how the team will work together (or not) during the rest of the summer. This years race was one of the best, because it stretched our team, involved a greater language barrier (Cyrillic), and covered a longer distance. 
We went from Kiev Wednesday overnight to Lviv, spent the night in Lviv and headed to Krakow (the finish) on Friday. My team pushed hard and came in first the 2nd night, finishing in 2nd in the end. It was a great race, and my team will serve well together this summer.  
2nd place team!
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