Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Training up youth for camp and year-round ministry (Trainings in Malenovice|Praha|Tabor)

Malenovice Training - a fun group pic
Every April the English Camp Team holds trainings in order to better equip youth groups to serve at camp and get a picture for the year of ministry beyond. A big chunk of it is focused on English Camp as the upcoming ministry that we can gather them around, but really we want to see the students and leaders that come be equipped to do ministry throughout the year. I've been looking forward to being a part of this for a while, though in the weeks before I was hit with spiritual attack, homesickness, and some disillusionment. It was great to work through that with my team and people close to me, and it was definitely Satan's tactic to keep me from being effective at these trainings (he failed, by God's grace I was able to minister to these students/leaders).
Praha Training - Our biggest one
Our trainings were in Malenovice, Praha, and Tabor to minimize the time teams needed to travel there and hopefully allow more people to come. Our biggest training was in Praha with almost 150 people thanks to some groups bringing 14 or 15 people from their youth group.
Tabor training - I'll be doing camp with some of these people (Strakonice)
What I loved about the trainings was being able to teach people on How to prepare a short bible message and Creating a team/youth group cultured centered on Christ and getting to know more youth group students that are learning to serve in their cities. I met several people for the first time, and got to reconnect with some of the groups I've been working with. As with other big events, I felt like it was hard to get enough time with the people I wanted to connect with, and I am glad I get to see several of them more this summer at camp.
David taught on Jonah at each training (this is the first)
We were in a packed house in Praha

Thursday, April 11, 2013

Everything looks so foreign

I am so completely surprised how unrecognizable things are around me. I've been so used to cold, snow, white, dark, etc. that I forgot what this place looked like when I got here. It honestly feels/looks like a different place. My neighborhood in Ostrava looked mostly like this in September and October, but there's pretty much been snow on the ground since November 1st. The air is warmer too, which is refreshing.

I think spring is coming.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Kentuckians in Trinec

Last week I was with a group of people from Kentucky, students and youth leaders. They are from Southeast Christian Church (SECC) and we are partnering with them for ministry here in Europe. They've already had interns come over last summer and a team for this summer is ready to come work with Hradec Kralove.

There were 10 people on the trip, and they spent most of their time with the CB/AC groups in nearby Trinec. I was able to join them for the second half of the trip. We did an overnight event with students they met in school on Wednesday, went to a Fusion (Music Ministry) on Thursday, and went to Prague on Friday for their 6 am flight Saturday.

I really loved Jason's leadership of the group, and the lessons he drew out from their experiences. One of the things that he said stuck out to me: "I believe that the areas in which we are learning new things are areas in which Christ is triumphing over Satan and setting us free" (paraphrased). This was good for the students to hear and for me personally.

One of the things they are taking back with them from this short (1-week) trip is a heart for the lost and a desire to create space for lost people to experience Christ in their ministries. Fusion was a great catalyst for them, as many of them are quite musically talented.  Pray for this team as they go back and try to make a few changes; pray that they would find tangible ways to reach out to lost people; pray that the students they met in Czech (Trinec) would meet and follow Christ.