Sunday, March 17, 2013

Moody: Liberec, Herrnhut, & YWAM

Moody Group in front of Herrnhut YWAM
Our Moody trip is in full swing this week. We travelled immediately from Prague to Liberec (North of Prague). There we spent time with the youth group, got to participate in church, have a youth group evening event, visit schools, and lead an outreach party.

One special treat was to get some time with Olča, who I've worked with in Hradec the last few years. She moved with her family to Liberec in the last two years and now is working with the team to start English camp there.

We then went on to visit Herrnhut, a key place in the movement of the Moravian Brethren. Basically, God was moving in a group of Czechs in a powerful way, which has had a global impact. They lived in community in the town of Herrnhut. To read more about the Moravian Brethren, read the history on Wikipedia here.

We also visited YWAM just down the road from the town.  We got to hear the history of this group and about their ministries. The group picture above was taken on the way into the "castle."

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Upcoming: Moody Trip

I have the pleasure of hosting a group of students from Moody starting this week for the next two weeks. This is the same trip I came on in 2007, with the same professor leading it. I am excited to be on the other side of this journey, having moved over to the Czech Republic. Now I am the full-time missionary, and I get to share with these students the excitement (ups and downs, of course) of ministry here in Czech.

These students have prayed for their trip together, taken time to prepare materials and teaching, and are probably now in the process of packing everything they need to spend their whole spring break in the Czech Republic.  Please pray that they would get a good taste of ministry here, have a deep impact on the people they meet (leaders and students, christians and those who do not believe (yet)), and that they are responsive to how God might be calling them in the future, whether here or elsewhere.

This is the trip that set me on the path to ministry in Czech, pray that Jon, Martina, and I cast the vision for what God IS doing in Central (and Eastern) Europe. You can also pray for safe travels, good attitudes when problems come up, and physical and relational energy.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ostrava Costume Party

"Oscars" Party in Ostrava Mladez (Youth Group)
This weekend I got some good time with people in my city.  The big event of the weekend was our costume party in youth group, pictured above. We played some movie-related games (I knew quotes from two movies I Czech!), had a short message, and enjoyed some laughs together.

Saturday evening I hung out with a guy from youth group more, and Sunday afternoon got time with both people from church and from our Czech class. I really enjoy time with these people, and am having some good conversations with them. Pray for God to work in me and others around me to further develop a Christ-centered community here in Ostrava.