Monday, February 25, 2013

Saturday with KOSTEL Jinak (Plus a birthday party)

Worship at KOSTEL Jinak - 10,000 Reasons in English with Czech Translation
This weekend I was in Sumperk, the group I have the longest connections with. They have a new church plant that meets Saturday evenings called KOSTEL Jinak (Church another way, differently). The link is in Czech, but just know that they have some really good stuff going on and are focused on strong/good theology.

Before KOSTEL I played a game of Settlers of Catan with Vasek and Lubos. These guys love Jesus and are a lot of fun to be with.  During the evening service, I understood parts of the message but unfortunately did not understand enough of the message. I'm still working on learning Czech, and asking God to specifically give me understanding in instances such as these.

After KOSTEL I went to a nearby pub/restaurant to celebrate Martin's birthday. I am visiting Sumperk every Wednesday to do an English club, and he's in it. I've known him for a while now. What was most exciting was being able to spend more time with him and to see several students from our English club, who I've just met over the last month and a half. I got to chat with them and have a specifically good conversation with one student who is a believer.

I'll be in Sumperk again Wednesday for English Club before a few weeks break for the upcoming Moody Trip around Czech.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Singles in Slovakia

Part of our group - exploring the city (Me, Ed, Josh, Susan, Jon) - photo by Mark Krupa
Last weekend we were hosted by the the Rumbolds (Ed & Wendy w/kids) in Eastern Slovakia for a Josiah Venture Singles weekend together. Several people were unable to make it (there are more singles in JV), but the group we had was so good to be with. Ed and Wendy opened up their home and their family to us for rest, fellowship, love, laughs, and fun.  I especially loved getting to know them and their kids more, and it was the perfect mix of fellowship and rest.

The journey from Ostrava (home) to Bardejov (SK) was long, but so worth it. On the way there we chatted with Mark Krupa (serving in Czech) on the train, and on the way back we got some time with Alice and Susan (serving in Poland). There are some great singles and great families serving with JV, and it is such a pleasure to be serving with them across Central and Eastern Europe. I hope we continue to build momentum for future singles weekends.

Thanks Ed and Wendy and kids!
Travel shots collage on Instagram

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Oh Bible study – Ecclesiastes in Ostrava

Sunday night I got back to Ostrava just in time for the youth/college group's Bible study (going through Ecc 3). I have loved attending with these guys/girls the past 3 weeks in a row. Most of it's in Czech, So I can be a test of my language ability. It's great to see a group of students who want to know God and His Word, even in something as difficult as Ecclesiastes. It's also forced me to study Ecclesiastes more, as I won't understand the discussion very well. Knowing what someone is talking about in Czech a little bit better before hand helps me understand a lot better.

Hradec Kralove - Youth group and a LAN party

This Weekend I had the pleasure of again traveling to Hradec. On Friday night at youth group I spoke about salt and light and hung out with students afterwards. It was such a good time with them. Saturday I got to talk about ministry with the leaders before starting our afternoon/evening LANka - LAN/video game party. It was a mix of believers and unbelievers. Sunday was a normal service followed by an all church lunch.

I was able to stop by and spend an hour with Andrea and Tessa, who are teaching and serving in Pardubice.