Sunday, December 2, 2012

Czech Language

This class has been a blessing. When we were talking about living in Ostrava instead of Cesky Tesin, I was more excited about the prospect of living in a bigger city with more ministry opportunities and more students. I didn't think about the prospect of a Czech class that was free for foreigners.  In late September I was introduced to these classes by a fellow American from the CB church in Ostrava. I started going to every class I could in the following weeks, and have learned so much! At first it was a little over my head, but now it's at a good level for me.
My roommate reviewing on the board (teacher on the right)
I've found that my previous summers of listening to Czech, asking questions, and learning simple phrases has set a great foundation for learning to speak Czech. Now we're getting into the nitty gritty of grammar principles and I'm not stuck being overwhelmed by simple things in the language. That's not to say that sometimes I don't feel extremely overwhelmed with some things that the Czech language does, but I'm in a good place to move forward in my speaking ability. Not only are these classes free, but the teacher is a really good teacher! She doesn't let students get away with not talking after their first lesson, and she'll often end up calling me or some of the other regulars to answer questions (meaning or vocabulary) that we might not know the answer to. She keeps us on our toes!

Beyond my time at this center with free classes, I'm also trying to meet with a tutor. Right now are having a little trouble coordinating our schedules, but when this class finishes I will definitely need her to help me keep studying Czech well. I'm also doing study on my own, which is key to taking the concepts from class and tutoring to heart.
Czech Class Tools - books, charts, tea, water, and my brain (not pictured)