Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Thanksgiving Weekend with Josh

Josh H and I at the end of the Summer.
We didn't get any pictures from this weekend, but we had a great time together.  Josh H., Jonathan, and I roomed together during Thanksgiving at Malenovice, which went well despite Jonathan being sick (poor guy!). Since we're in the same place in life being single guys around the same age learning this whole missionary/ministry-in-Europe thing (though Josh moved over a year earlier), we get along well.

So after Thanksgiving Josh came to our place for part of the weekend. Since we had both run a 5K and played Football on Thursday, we didn't feel like doing anything too active.  Instead, we hung around home, talked, watched some shows and a movie, ordered pizza, went out to eat, and enjoyed some time together.  I am thankful for Josh, and loved our time together. It's so good talking through life with him. Friday and Saturday were a refreshing way to get a little bit extra out of Thanksgiving holiday time.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Celebrating Thanksgiving in Czech

This week our team took a little break from our normal week schedule to celebrate Thanksgiving as American missionaries serving with JV in Poland, Czech, Slovakia, Ukraine, and Hungary. We got together at our training center in Malenovice Wednesday evening through Friday afternoon for a time of fellowship and JV family fun. Thanksgiving day was planned full of possible activities, and it was my most active Thanksgiving day ever (5K plus a football game before noon!).  While I missed my family during this time, I love the "family" we have here as well!

We kicked off the morning with the First Annual JV Turkey Trot 5K - my first 5K ever. It was a pretty hilly route, and with no training I got tired out easily, but I finished in just over 33 mins. The countryside was beautiful, and we admired God's creation as we ran. Check out the route. I am still sore three days later (Sun)...I should run more.
The 5K runners
We also had our annual American Football game.  For me personally, playing and watching football on Thanksgiving is not a home tradition, but is becoming one with the JV family.  My last Thanksgiving in Czech was in 2008, when I was doing my ESI internship, and we played a snowy game. It's now becoming a part of my traditions. We had a lot of fun playing flag football, and definitely some good hits and plays.
I can't find a group pic, but the other team took such a long time in their huddles!
Of course we had a wonderful Thanksgiving meal that we all contributed to. I brought a cheese platter and fruit salad, which took longer to cut than I anticipated. I missed being in the picture below, but here's most of the people at our Thanksgiving celebration.
The family
About eight of us guys also played some videogames both nights. It was so much fun to get some of that guy time (amongst the deeper conversations of the week), and I'm thankful to Noah and Jacob (TCKs) for setting it up.
Guy time - videogames (macgaming!)
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