Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Intern Team Leaders Arrive

Intern leaders arrive in Krakow - @micczech1212 on Intagram
This last week has been spent with the intern leaders serving in Czech this summer. They arrived on Wednesday in Krakow. We've spent time together preparing for the summer and getting to know each other better.  Rachael is my co-leader, and a very encouraging person. Friday and Saturday we had a leaders' retreat where we worshipped together, prayed, and went over some particular details about budgets. We also talked about what camp with each of our churches would involve. Sunday we were in church (my third week in Cesky Tesin CB in a row...woo hoo!), and Monday we had our quarterly KAM (Czech nationally-led version of Josiah Venture) meeting - my first one as a full-time missionary. Today was rest/some minor preparations and Wednesday through Friday is our Amazing Race. We head to Krakow in a few hours.

Pray for our team as we run around Europe in an effort to build team unity quickly and effectively. This has proved to be an awesome indicator of what our team will look like this summer, and will enable us to bond together quickly as a team. It's always been effecive for my teams, even in the years I haven't led well. Pray that Rachael and I use it well, that there would be no injuries, and that we would do well! (This is my 6th JV Amazing Race btw fyi)  Look for tweets under #jvamazingrace for updates of the insanity from me or others.  Intern training follows the race until Wednesday.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Upcoming Events and Prayer Requests

Upcoming Events:
 5/21 Visa Application (Bratislava, Slovakia)
 5/23 Intern Team Leaders Arrive (Krakow, Poland)
 5/25-26 Intern Leader Retreat (Czech)
 5/30-6/1 Interns Arrive, Amazing Race (Krakow-???-???-Czech)
 6/1-6/6 Intern Training

Prayer Requests:
- Summer preparations - that I stay on top of it and prepare to the point that I can focus on relationships and discipleship during the summer
- Car buying - that I find a good one before the summer so I can use it in English camp ministry - Interns - as they finish things at home, pray that God would fill them for the summer ministry
- Camps - that the leaders would be encouraged, that students would grow in their Gospel sharing effectiveness, and that students would come to Christ!
- Apartment - find one for the fall that will be close to students and in a good location in the city

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Summer Prep

Interns arrive in just over 2 weeks and the summer will be in full swing! I've been taking this time in the office and where I'm staying to email Czech leaders to arrange our weekend visits in June and are preparing my interns for the summer. My co-leader, Rachael, is from Northern Ireland and has been a great asset to me in staying on top of things and is using her English camp teaching experience to prepare our team. My interns are Nolan (coming from TX), Bethany (coming from IA), and Jitka (from Czech). * My other summer prep has included thinking through additional details for the summer, reading Prodigal God to prepare for our evening talks, and going through our leadership study on Jesus' ministry.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

JV Spring Conference (with families!)

JV Family of Over 200
Conference was the first thing I did in Czech. It started less than 24 hours after my arrival, and it was a great introduction to the Josiah Venture family. Our theme was Found By Your Father, focusing on the Fatherhood of God and what that looks like in our lives. I was challenged by the messages to think about the areas in which I am lacking (because no earthly father is perfect and cannot provide all that we need) and where I need to rely on my Heavenly Father. I was also able to walk through some of this with a friend here, which is what relationships should be about.

I'm excited to join this crew in ministry across Czech, Slovenia, and Slovakia
I also loved having missionary families here. There were both old and new faces in the group; I reconnected with the old and got to meet the new families. Our whole Orientation/MTI group from fall 2010 is finally on the field (I'm last), and it was a great homecoming.

Another highlight was playing Star Wars Mafia with the older JVKids and single missionaries. They're a great group of missionary kids and welcomed me well. Thanks JVK!

Welcoming new missionaries to Spring Conference!

Friday, May 4, 2012

Arrival and Conference

A 5-year process of coming to the Czech Republic and responding to God's call has become a reality. I arrived in the Czech Republic as a full-time missionary on Wednesday at 1am! JV's Spring Conference began onWednesday evening, and it's been a great time connecting with the JV family (as well as working to get over jet lag), and I'm excited for the rest of our conference. More thoughts on it to follow.

I praise God for being my provider and my source of strength through this time. He has brought so many encouraging people my way in this process of raising support and moving to the field, and I'm excited to be a part of the work that He's doing in the Czech Republic!

My missionary anniversary is officially May 2nd. Let's see what God does in and through me in the next two years!

Location:Malenovice,,Czech Republic