Saturday, April 28, 2012

100% Raised, Leaving Monday!

I have reached 100% of my monthly and one-time support. I am officially headed to the Czech Republic for 2 years on Monday morning. Pray for a smooth transition and good preparation for the summer ministry!

A Special Thank You to those who are supporting me financially and prayerfully...
Thank you so much for your prayers and finances over the last year and a half. God has slowly but surely been faithful to provide for His work in Eastern Europe. I can see clearly that God has moved in your heart to give and pray, and has blessed me through it. He has also used this time to work on my heart and prepare me for this ministry I’m called to, I can see that His timing is perfect. Thank you for giving, continue to pray, and remain a part of this ministry by staying in touch via Facebook, email, phone, or text.

If you would like to receive my monthly emails, contact me.

Monday, April 23, 2012

97% Funded & a Few More Pledges Need to Be Received

I've been working on keeping things updated on Facebook, neglecting a bit my blog.
Here's where I'm at in my ministry partner development (financial and prayer support). I have 50 people praying for me specifically one day a week. I'm at 97% of my monthly support, but have several pledges that haven't been received. It all has to be receieved (at least the first month) before I can get my ticket to leave.

I would like to leave April 29th, moving to the Czech Republic for my 2-year term. There's our spring conference with all the missionary families next week, and it would give me time to meet everyone, get settled a bit, and be ready to kick off the summer ministry.

Would you pray that mail moves quickly this week, that some partners would give online (so it can be marked "received" this week), and that I get the final 3%, which is only $110 a month?