Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Substitute Teaching for Two Weeks

I have the great privilege of spending the next two weeks substitute teaching at Aiea High. It is a God-given blessing, as I broke my phone this month and will need to replace it. I plan to still be headed to Czech VERY soon, and this job is a good way to fill the next several weeks. I will be able to work on raising support in the afternoons and evenings, and teach during the day.

The class I'm teaching for is relatively relaxed this week. Students are researching colleges as part of their career goals, and turning in answers to questions we give them. I also get to work with one weight training class.

Today we had a great presentation on goal-setting by a representative from Heald College, Paul. I believe students not only enjoyed the presentation, but were inspired and encouraged to set goals for their future. I was even encouraged a little bit as I've been setting some short term goals every two weeks to fulfill my long-term goal of moving to the Czech Republic this year. The guest speaker was also a Christian, and it was fun to get to know him a little bit. Paul shared with me how he shares bits of Christian morals in his presentations even if he can't overtly share his faith, and I was able to see that in action even before he told me. I also appreciated his speaking style and hope that one day I can be as engaging when I speak at English Camps or the youth groups in Czech I minister to. I'm glad that the Word of God does speak for itself, and that I have had the opportunity already for God to speak to students through me.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Real Marriage

So why is the single guy posting about marriage? Glad you asked!

I have been listening to Mark Driscoll's "Real Marriage" sermon series over the last few weeks, getting into his podcasts like I've wished to be for a while. In general I've wanted to be listening to podcast sermons regularly, and have decided to "redeem my commute" or trips around town with a podcast.

The Real Marriage sermon series has been great so far. It is not directly out of a single passage like the Luke sermons I've heard, but is very much biblically based and brings together God's Word on marriage. I also love Mark and Grace's honesty together as they strive towards healthy marriages in their congregation and those that they visit. They have used their experiences and failures to really show how marriage (in God's eyes) works out. They also have some sort of Q&A after each sermon, where it is great to hear them both unpack a question someone has. Some of the questions are ones that I have wondered about but have not necessarily brought together into a specific question. They constantly reference their book, Real Marriage: The Truth About Sex, Friendship, and Life Together, which encourages me to read it. I plan to purchase the book at a later date.

So why is Real Marriage good for singles as well as married couples? It presents a biblical foundation for a healthy marriage that is important whether you are already married (and need a little to a lot of help) or single (so you can head into marriage with the right perspective and work on yourself as a single person by the grace of God). Here's a few takeaways:
~Pray for your spouse now, and keep a journal, writing to her. It will be a wonderful gift to her someday.
~Your wife is to be your best friend (my question: then what about when I"ve been "friend zoned"?)
~No secrets: Most couples have a secret that is destroying their marriage, Jesus wants us to walk in the light
~If you view Sex as God or as Gross, you will not appreciate it as the Gift God has given to us for marriage
~Porn includes lustful thoughts, creates unhealthy neural pathways, and is an industry of slavery, exploitation, shame, and drugs/alcohol abuse.
~At the cross there is not only forgiveness for our sin, but healing from the sin committed against us. You can emerge from sexual assault into a healthy marriage by the grace of God.

Most of all, God is encouraging calling me to again work on myself, in his grace, to be ready for when I meet my spouse. I'll do that, and hope that she comes my way soon.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

God's Faithfulness to Provide

As I sit here tonight preparing my ministry board for tomorrow, I am overcome with Joy and Thankfulness. I thank God for the support that he has provided in the first quarter of this year - for the ministry partners that He's prepared for me to meet. This week God has shown Himself faithful to provide - I've gotten 4 new ministry partners giving $200 a month together! I am now within $600/mo of being fully funded, and am halfway to my goal of 50 prayer partners. I hope that tomorrow as I share my heart for God's work movement in the Czech Republic He would provide more of the remaining financial partners.

This is going to happen, and I trust/pray that it is soon. Thank you Lord God, for moving in the hearts of these people at home and for bringing me into your movement among the youth of the Czech Republic that finds its home in the local church and transforms society.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Closer to eighty, and a bunch of phone calls

I'm close to eighty percent of my support, after speaking with two new supporters at $50 monthly each. When I tell my family about my support levels, I get the statement "this is really happening soon, isn't it?" It's true that I am getting closer all the time, with only 14 more people at $50 a month until I'm fully funded. That's less than $700/mo!

I've been making a bunch of calls this week everyday in the afternoon. I'd like to meet with my current contacts and share my heart for the Czech Republic with them. I'm asking for only about 1/2 an hour of their time, and I am so exciting for these meetings. So far I only have a few meetings planned, but I'm hoping for more. I also hope that for those who I cannot meet with in person (ex: the many friends I have on the mainland) I can still Skype with them. If you're reading this and have not received a call or want to Skype, please get in touch with me!

This is gonna happen, and God is working in the people I've already talked with. I have a meeting tomorrow as well as more phone calls, so keep me in prayer for the final 21%!