Monday, February 28, 2011

Celebrating Birthdays

My friends and I have celebrated a lot of birthdays in the last few weeks. The most special was my brother's 15th birthday near the beginning of this month. To celebrate, we took him out to IHOP for pancakes (his favorite), made him a doughnut-shaped cake, and got him a few belated presents (a book that was coming out a week later and concert tickets). A new tradition that we somehow started last year was for me to take my bro to a concert for his birthday, and this year it was his favorite band, OneRepublic. It was an awesome outdoor show at Aloha tower, and my second time seeing them. I previously went with my best friend Jerry while at Moody. Jacob been a blessing in my life. I'm really going to miss him when I'm in Czech, but it was great to share this moment with him.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Bible Studies While I'm in Hawaii

I've been continuing my Bible Studies with the people/students in this picture. In our Monday night study we've been watching videos from the Passion Conference held earlier this year and gear towards college students and twenty-somethings. It's been great to discuss these videos while we figure out what book of the Bible to study next. On Wednesdays our guys Bible study is going through I Timothy, discussing Paul's charge to Timothy as a young leader. It's been great to discuss this book with these young guys, all who have leadership potential or are already leading. Please pray for growth in both these groups and that when I leave for the summer they can keep the study going as they did when I was gone last time.