Sunday, January 23, 2011

Thanksgiving, Birthday, New Years' Celebration

I had a wonderful holiday season celebrating with my family in Hawaii for possibly the last time in a while. For both Thanksgiving and Christmas I had friends over who made the season special. Some of you may wonder how it can "feel like Christmas" in Hawaii with the heat, and I have come to agree. The snow I experienced in Colorado helped it to "feel like Christmas," but beyond that I took extra care this season to not just let this time of celebrating Christ's birth pass me by. It was a great time to contemplate once again the wonder and awe of God becoming human, one of us, so that one day he could die and be the perfect sacrifice.

Check this out:
"Christ's humanity was not a mere fleshly shell that God rented and used for a temporary amount of time. God did not just come to live in flesh as a man, but the 'Word became flesh' (John 1:14). God incorporated human nature into His eternal being. In the incarnation humanity has been permanently incorporated into the Godhead. God is now a man in addition to being God. At the virgin conception God acquired an identity He would retain for the rest of eternity. His human existence is both authentic and permanent. Jesus' humanity is not something that can be discarded or dissolved back into the Godhead, but He will always and forever exist in heaven as a glorified man, albeit God at the same time."
-Jason Dulle taken from

New Year's celebration was also the last year that many fireworks were legal in Hawaii, and the whole place went crazy with the fire show. As I walked home from the party I took some time to thank God for all he's done in this last year in anticipation of the things to come. I am so excited for the future...with our God all things are possible and we cannot imagine what he has planned for us.
(I'm still looking for some pics that are floating around my hard drive somewhere, so I'm missing some people...sorry!)