Monday, October 18, 2010

Best Friend's Wedding

I had the opportunity to couple my training trip with visiting my best friend in Florida and being in his wedding. It worked out perfectly as I had a week between Josiah Venture Orientation in IL and Missionary Training in Colorado.

Jerry and Melissa are great friends. They're a great couple and fun to be around, and both love Jesus immensely. They're both ministry-minded, and interested in missions. Jerry's been to Czech with me several times and the team would love to have him back. I hope that in the coming years Melissa can experience the ministry in Czech and that they can move over to work with JV!

I wish Jerry and Melissa all the best

Monday, October 11, 2010

Josiah Venture Orientation and Visit with Interns

I spent the last week in Chicago, IL for Josiah Venture's missionary Orientation. My love increased for the vision of JV, Eastern Europe, Czech, and my future role there, and I got fired up for the future. There are some really great people (singles, couples, and families) "in the pipe" heading to Europe with JV over the next year. There's even a couple gathering a team to start our (JV's) first ministry involvement in Eastern Germany, which shares many of the same characteristics as the rest of Eastern Europe. Also, the very small team we have in Wheaton are a great group of people dedicated to making Christ's name known in Europe and at home, and they support us missionaries well.

JV Singles

I also had the opportunity to visit three people from my intern team this summer. Autumn was back in the states for some medical stuff and she lives near Chicago, so we went to her parents' house for a few days. Sarah came up from Grace College in Indiana for the weekend, and Patrick took some time out of his busy schedule to hang out with us for one night. It was a weird feeling connecting in our home country rather than serving as a team, but it was an awesome weekend. I'm looking forward to serving with them again in the future!

Update: Check out a few pictures on Flickr:
End of a Season Grain Southwest Sunset