Saturday, July 31, 2010

Vikyrovice Camp

We finished Vikyrovice camp almost a week ago, and it was a blast! Things weren't always easy, but God worked through the Peoria team, Czech team, and our Interns to do a great work in the hearts of Czech students.
I was especially pleased with the Peoria team in their flexibility throughout the week, and for many of these students stepping up and teaching during the week.
The Czech team was also quite solid this year. They were ready the night we shared the Gospel to talk with students and pray with them. They also really served well throughout the week.
One major hiccup that God really worked through was us forgetting to plan our Thursday night activity, which stemmed from a miscommunication between teams. Through this I personally grew closer to the Czech leader, my friend Tom, as he worked hard to make the event better and clearer to Czechs. I am so excited to work with him again.
Please keep these students in prayer as they spend time back home, that they would continue to spend time with the youth group throughout the year.

Our next camp starts now! Pray for the students of Havlickuv Brod as they arrive and hear the Word of God this week.

Location:Puste Zibridovice, Czech Republic

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

First Camp in Krkonoše - Hradec

Our camp with Hradec Kralove and Missio Dei from AZ was a great opportunity. The team from AZ were all capable young adults, and the Czech team has been doing camp for the last 4 years. Though we experienced some difficulties in scheduling and weather, it was a great camp.

At our camp we saw most of the students move closer to Christ through our conversations, God's Word, discussion groups, and relationships. We also had a tactile, contemplative experience called the labyrinth, which students went through after hearing the Gospel. Students could take their time or rush through it, and most took their time as they thought about their relationships with others, their priorities, forgiveness, and their relationship with God. Please continue to pray for these students to take steps of faith this year, especially in their continued interaction with the youth group.

It was great to connect with students through games, meals, and other activities. I really enjoyed afternoon soccer with the guys, and I loved hearing about how God worked in some of their lives through the programming.

Keep them in prayer as they continue the relationships from camp. Also keep us in prayer as we just started training for camp #2. Thanks.


Sword fighting

Waiting for English testing




Downhill trikes - Matt

Downhill trikes - Klara

Hike day...rain wind cold

Discussion groups

Futbol (soccer)

Location:Dolní Alberice, Czech Republic