Monday, June 28, 2010

Vikryovice, Val Mez, and Work Project

VAL MEZ. We had a pretty busy weekend last week, with lots of travel. First we went to Val Mez to promote camp. This is a group that we're not doing camp with, but they really needed more students to come to camp. They don't have an intern team, so we visited for a day to be the crazy Americans to promote camp. Please pray for their camp...they need many more people to sign up. I feel like we clicked with some of the students, and I was reminded again how much I LOVE getting to know Czech students.

VIKYROVICE. I got to again visit this group that is very close to my heart. In the picture above you can see the students of their youth group who are coming to camp, and many with whom we interacted with throughout the weekend. I have worked with all but two of these students previously, and it was great to see some of the younger students now being old enough to join the group and lead some parts of camp.
We played a Matrix game in Vysoke Myto, our summer home base, which was a great relationship-building experience. I also got to see some of the students that I did camp with two years ago in that town. Here's our group for the game minus me.

WORK PROJECT @SELAH. Our team went back to Frydlant for some physical labor. We worked on Selah, a missionary rest house that will be used for care, counseling, and rest. It's going to be done relatively soon, and it was great to see the progress they've made on it since our work project last year. I'm excited to know that this will be used to keep missionaries going in the ministry they do.

Location:Malenovice, Czech Republic

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Return to Havličkuv Brod

H.Brod visit - June 10-14
Activities: School visits, middle school youth group, Czech Fairytale forest experience, Youth group and speaking on Servanthood from John 13, Church service, Bone Church, and staying in Czech Homes.

The main group we spent the weekend with was Honza, Jonathan, and Eva. They, along with others form the main camp team. Here we are at our Czech Fairytale Forest experience, where we got to go through some of their traditional fairytales. I just have to say that Czech fairytales are a little bit scarier/darker than American ones.

I'm hanging out with some of the fairytale witches (and odd guys?). Two of them also happen to be coming to camp, but have since left their witchy ways behind :)

For youth group we played some volleyball in the park, went down a Czech makeshift zip line (seen here, it's tied to the car in the back of the picture), had a barbecue and I had the opportunity to share from God's word on servanthood.
At the barbecue I had a great time building a relationship with Prokob, one of the Christian guys in the youth group. I played guitar with him for around 1/2 an hour and learned how to play some Czech worship songs that I love. It was my first time playing for a while with someone else, and we got to talk for a while afterwards. I'd like to continue building this relationship at camp, an please pray that we can continue to communicate through the language barrier, which depends on his English and my Czech.

We also visited Kostnice, The Bone Church in Kutna Hora. It's a chapel that is decorated all over with human bones. Though morbid, the story makes sense: someone had moved the remains of an epidemic into this lower chapel, and later someone decided to actually do someone with the bones to serve as a reminder of our own mortality and the resurrection we will someday have with Christ. It's also kinda cool looking.

School visits also went well...praise the Lord. We went to three classes on Friday and three on Monday, and there are only 7 spaces left for new students. Please pray that those spots will be filled, and that God will be moving in their heart for their time at camp.

Our visit in Havličkuv Brod was sweet, and it was great to see growth in this group from last year to this year. They are really ready to serve the students that come to camp, and are even more of a blessing to serve with this year!

Location:Havlickuv Brod, Czech Republic

Hradec Kralove for the first time

Our weekend in Hradec Kralove - June 4-8
Activites: youth group meeting, relationship-building hike, church, lunch with church families, camp team meeting/brainstorming, and school visits

The town square of is town is beautiful. Hradec is the biggest city I've worked in, and there are so many people to reach out to. Our visits to schools were met with favorable responses to camp as we built relationships with Czech students, and our time with the camp team was great, too.

We spent the weekend building relationships with the youth group in Hradec. Here you can see Patrick talking with Filip on our hike. We got to have some great conversations with Czechs all throughout the weekend.

Here's our hike group. These are the members of the camp team also. We visited abandoned bunkers that were to protect Czech against Germany before WWII. It was great to experience this part of Czech history with the group. These bunkers, which ran along the northern and western borders of then Czechoslovakia, could have propelled a German attack had Czech been supported by their allies. Instead, Britain and France handed a portion of Czech over to Hitler in an attempt to prevent WWII. Being deserted by their allies, they had no choice but to give in. Sadly, the Czech economy was at it's peak then (and on the cutting edge of technology), and hasn't gotten back to that point yet.

Please pray for Vita (veet-ya), one of the student leaders for this camp. He is part of a great team of people with a great youth leader, and I'd like to really help him grow in leadership through this camp. He's got a fun can see him climbing one of the bunkers here. Also pray for some of the other youth on the camp team, that they'd really live missionally at this camp and grow in their faith as well.

What a great weekend with a great new group to work with. It was truly a blessing and I'm looking forward to camp with them (July 3-10).

Location:Hradec Kralove, Czech Republic

Monday, June 7, 2010

Amazing Race and Intern Training

Here are a few pictures from the last few weeks. We started with the Amazing Race from Vienna > Bratislava > Brno > Malenovice. It was a great 2 1/2 days of team building and my team came in 2nd place! Good job team. They really set the pace for a great summer.

At intern training we talked about many things that our interns needed to know going in to the summer as well as biblical principles that apply to all of ministry and life. We had the opportunity to help the Patty's with their yard work after Dave's open heart surgery, which included chopping tons of wood.

Intern training included reflection and discussion all throughout the week. We prayed together and I had some really awesome discussions with some of the other interns. It was a very encouraging time for everyone. I was particularly challenged to follow the Spirit's leading this summer and to seek to be a servant wherever I am.

Below is a picture of my intern team, taken on a Czech train during the amazing race. From the left: Connor, Autumn, Sarah, Lynn, Patrick, and me. They are an amazing group of people to work with this summer, and we've really bonded as a team. They're always ready to pray or discuss how God is moving in their hearts, so I'm excited to see where God takes us as we serve this summer.

Please keep us in prayer for our visits to the different towns we're doing camp with, including school visits, and for english lesson planning and evening talk prep throughout the month of June.
Pics from our visit to Hradec Kralove to follow (hopefully) soon.

Location:Velké náměstí,,Czech Republic