Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Vienna pre Amazing Race

Here's my attempt at a video blog. Just a little bit about our time before the Amazing Race in Vienna and the interns' arrival tomorrow. Please keep us in prayer: Amazing Race, May 26-28


Monday, May 24, 2010

Catching up with friends and ministry partners

This weekend I got to visit Sumperk and Vikyrovice to spend time with two dear friends and ministry partners. On Thursday I spent time with Tomas, the leader of Vikyrovice youth group who I will be doing camp with again. I also stayed over with the rest of his family, the Kolmanovi. This is the family I lived with during my extended internship, and it was like coming home. I enjoyed talking to the parents, in broken Czech and through translation, and talking with David, who's English is great. It's like I never left, and I had a restful time there.

Friday night I went to Radek's house. He's the leader of the Sumperk youth group, and is a quality guy. I really wanted to visit him and the group because I'm not going to do camp with them this summer. They are more than capable of ministering to students through English camp without an intern team, and I'm excited for their continued partnership with New Hope from MN.

So I spent Friday night and Saturday night with Radek and it was great catching up and talking about ministry. I got to reconnect with some of the students for some volleyball (we got rained out), and was invited to share a short message from God's Word. It was awesome to see Irvin, Ondra, Martin, Babu, Pepa/Joe, Martin, Ondra, Sharka, Ifka, Jirka, and Niki again.

I'm in Vienna now for some relationship building before the interns finally arrive on Wednesday for the Amazing Race and their summer internship. Please keep me and the interns in prayer as their arrival approaches.

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Monday, May 17, 2010

Arrival in Czech

I have arrived safely. I am writing this on my flight to the Czech Republic, currently flying from San Francisco to Frankfurt. By the time I post this I will already be in Malenovice, Josiah Venture's training facility in Czech. I just finished filling out my application to return to Czech for a 2-year term. That was a blessing in itself to be able to think through how God has gifted me, and how He has molded and shaped me through my experiences. I will keep you updated as I find out when my application goes through and what my next steps are.

It is such a blessing to be returning to Czech again this summer. I am excited for the work that God is going to do this summer through our intern team and the Czech and American teams we're working with for camp. There are still some details that I am working out with the American church groups coming over to do camps with three Czech churches. I'll be visiting these Czech churches starting in just under two weeks.

The next week will be spent meeting with the other Intern team leaders going over details of the summer as well as spending some time studying God's word together. I'll also be visiting some friends in Sumperk, a group that I have worked with very closely in my time in Czech, but who are very capable of successfully doing English camp without an intern team. They'll be doing camp with the American team that they've been working with.

Here's my schedule for the coming weeks:
May 17 Arrive in Prague
May 18-20 Meetings with intern team leaders
May 23-25 English camp team retreat in Vienna
May 26 Summer interns arrive!
May 26-28 Amazing Race with intern teams
May 29-June 3 Intern training

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Location:Frydlant, Czech Republic