Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Prep Periods, Prayer Time

As a leader at camp I am not in an English Class. It is during that time that I pray, work through some camp/team problems, and prepare to present the Story of God. This was my view one morning:

This week I really felt the joy of being able to share the Story of God with these students. The first full night we shared the story of Creation. The end of the story left Adam and Eve in the Garden living in a perfect relationship with God. We wanted students to feel the perfection, so that the Fall would feel like the blow it really was.
After telling the story, I took a walk to pray during discussion groups. The most UNBELIEVABLE sunset was spread across my view, and I felt the perfection that God created Adam & Eve in. I love how the mists are in the valleys, too. It was a great privilege and feeling.

Vikyrovice Camp

Vikyrovice camp got off to an interesting start. I found myself very exhausted and overwhelmed throughout the week, but we also saw God really work at camp anyway.
At the last night we gave an invitation for students to accept Christ and 3 students responded. Others remained in the room to think about things and ask questions. We really felt the Spirit of God at the camp and especially that last night.
Here are some pictures:
A-B-C-Flak...a very painful game but a great crowd breaker for the first night
Group Photo
Campfire...always a great way to hang out and talk
Paintball for followup...the first game was boring but the second game I shot 5 people.
Goodbye at the train station

Friday, July 17, 2009

Šumperk Camp!!

Here are some pictures from Šumperk Camp...It was a great time, and I want to thank all my friends who came. We shared from the Story of God, and it was a great way to present who God really is. Please continue to keep these students in prayer.

Our Intern Team
Zdenek, Kugi, and I
Some Friends from Camp at Followup in Šumperk
Pics of Everyone at Camp