Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The Route to Czech is preparation

So...a little something got messed up when I tried to post an update and it actually uploaded 5 different posts of 140 characters...just a little problem. Here's my update from the airport:

I am officially on my way to Czech. I got on the plane 11 hours ago and am now in New York. I am actually flying to Vienna, where I will meet my interns and we will start the Amazing Race: a team-building experience that can be exhausting. Travel has been tiring, especially because the New York airport is confusing - I got on a train leaving the airport before I realized my error and I had to go outside w/o a jacket!

Despite these things, God has been preparing me for this summer in Czech and guiding my thoughts for how to lead this team. I've had time on planes to think and plan, and actually had to try my best to keep from sleeping on this last flight so I can sleep tonight.

God is faithful, and I am eager to see how He uses me to guide this team and what He teaches me in the process.

My next update will be from the Czech Republic! Keep praying.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

This captures the spirit of what I struggle with in life/ministry: transition

One of the bands that I found out about in the last 2 years and have come to really enjoy is the band Future of Forestry (formerly known as Something Like Silas). They have a unique ambient sound that moves me to worship God, which is their goal as they make music.

I was reading their "behind the album" section about their most recent EP/Album, and I was struck by what the lead singer (Eric) said about their title track "Traveler's Song". It captures the essence of what I feel as I move in and out of different groups, as I transition in life constantly and look for security in my surroundings. In the end I find out that only GOD HIMSELF is constant. Knowing Him intimately and serving Him wholeheartedly are what matters. As I have felt overwhelmed by the space around me and the transitions He has led me through, I am learning to trust in Him and His perfect plan. The post is reprinted below from their website http://futureofforestry.com/ where you can also hear instrumentals of their songs.


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

“…if you travel here, listen to your heart. And take with you what lasts forever.”

I keep waiting for things to settle down, for life to quit throwing curve balls, to offer me a season without change. And although this has been one of the most transitional stages of my life, I have discovered that life itself is a transition. The transition has no end. It is always changing. I am learning that one of the few things I really have is the ability to choose what matters.

I tend to write songs in which I coach myself through the process I’m going through. In this case, it is learning to slow down and “wait” through a season that has felt unexpected, confusing, and has left me wondering how it will turn out. My career as an artist has always felt uneasy-- never the posh life-style that many musicians have been labeled with. I struggle every day simply to remain me, to continue creatively thriving as me, to make a living being me. I’ve been worn out by the struggle, and this songs are telling me that there is plenty of time for me to slow down if I wait. Along the road, if am diligent to take the time, I will learn to lean into the things that are close to my heart.

This song is what gave birth to the entire 3 album Travel series. Travel is a subject that seems to open up all sorts of songs about the long journey. Although many of my songs have been about home, I have come to realize that this life here is, in essence, varying spaces that we travel through. Hence came the 3 EP’s releasing every 4 months this year featuring air travel, sea travel, and land travel.


Wait, stay here and have a drink of time

Wait, before you split yourself in two

There’s time for you

If you travel here, you will feel it all

The brightest and the darkest

If you travel here, listen to your heart

And take with you what last forever

Sleep, and dream the dream of when you fly

See through traveler’s eyes who want to give

To love and give