Thursday, August 28, 2008

Krakow Vacation

Peace, originally uploaded by JoshHawaii.

Our time in Krakow last week was a time of rest. There's not much to do in Krakow, and that's exactly what we wanted. The Square is a nice place to hang out it also. There were 6 of us there: Melissa, Erica, and Ray-Ray (Pictured), Jerry, Bonnie, and I. It was great to hang out with such wonderful people for a week without responsibilities.

The Busy Krakow Square, originally uploaded by JoshHawaii.

I read 2 books and really enjoyed both: Porn Nation by Michael Leahy (a look into one man's personal struggle and the development of the problem in American/Western society) and Brave New World by Aldous Huxley (a work of fiction that is a commentary on Happiness vs Truth). I would recommend both, especially Brave New World as I thoroughly enjoyed it. I didn't have this much time to read since before I started High School.

This week I am preparing for the fall and getting things worked out before we go into a really busy schedule.

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Thursday, August 7, 2008

In Praha (Prague) for Summer Debriefing

Mustek, Praha, by JoshHawaii. This picture is indicative of many of the Metro Stations in Prague, with its modern design.

This summer has been one wild ride, but we are finally winding down. Our team arrived in Praha (Prague, Cz) today to begin our debriefing for the next few days. We want this time to be relaxing and beneficial as we prepare these interns to return to America. Our two main purposes of debriefing is to prepare the inters for reverse culture shock and how to tell others about their experience. We are also excited to spend our last few days together as a team.

We just finished our last camp on Saturday, and have been doing followup with these students. I think that Šumperk is the group I know the best, mostly because this was my third time doing camp with them (the first was when I was in Czech March '07 for a short winter camp). I really appreciated a few things about this group. First and foremost, this team was really prepared for camp. They have done camps for years, but I saw new people stepping into positions of leadership and excelling at it. It was encouraging and made leading the camp easier. Second, Radek is a great leader all around. It was both a joy and a light burden to lead with Radek: he had everything ready. Third, students were asking some great questions and really seeking the truth. (Keep searching)

God's really been doing something in my heart this summer: giving me an even bigger burden for the lost of Czech, the Šumperk/Vikýřovice region, and the specific students that I know. I really want them to know the power of Christ and the life they are missing. I hope that one day soon several students that I am praying for come to know Him personally as their Lord and Savior. I also long for these up and coming leaders to gain confidence in the Spirit's work and the gifts He has equipped them with.

A few songs that God has been using this summer: "God of this City" by Bluetree (covered by Chris Tomlin), "Hosanna" by Hillsong, and "Inside Out" by Hillsong. Maybe I'll post more details about that later.