Monday, May 12, 2008

Blogging for the first time

Hey everyone, I decided to start a blog to keep you all updated on what's going on in my life, especially as I go to the Czech Republic for the next seven (7!) months. I won't update all the time, but at least a monthly update is probably expected. Please be in prayer for me as I go through this exciting and trying time of intensive ministry.

A few details about what I am doing. I have been to the Czech Republic twice before: last year Spring Break with Moody, and last summer for my official internship. Basically God has captured my heart with this little country of 10 million people, and I have felt Him calling me back there, likely full time. This summer and following months will be an evaluation time for the organization (Josiah Venture) and I to see what my future may be with them.

During the summer I am going to step into leadership as an intern leader, making sure that camps run smoothly and that our team is spiritually healthy. My co-leader, Erica, has been there for two summers, and will be backing me up as we go into this together. The summer will consist of three English Camps: two that I've worked with before and a whole new one. They are basically evangelistic in nature and are intended to facilitate interactions between Czech and American high schoolers and their peers. I really want to focus this summer on empowering Czechs to share their faith, passing the responsibility from us as leaders to them as students.

In the fall I will work with a Czech youth group and learn the language. I will also be able to start to understand what ministry in the Czech Republic full-time is like. This will definitely be a trying time (as the summer will be), but I know that with the Lord's help I will endure (and learn a LOT). I will also be attending some of Josiah Venture's fall conference and meeting stuff, whatever that may entail.

My time in the Czech Republic's gonna be one wild ride, so czech here for updates!